Kerchan Technology Co., Ltd.
Kerchan Technology Co., Ltd.

Kerchan is a professional custom LCD display manufacturer with 15 years' experience on LCD advertising display monitor screen and commertial use Android tablet in China. 

Kerchan's products line includes 7 to 50 inch commercial LCD advertising display screen, retail screen, stretched bar LCD screen, audio player, media player, digital signage with hand soap dispenser, remote content management system, etc. As direct LCD display factory, Kerchan also offer components and parts related to Lcd displays like hand gesture, bar-code scanner, RFID lift and learn, touchless sensor button and etc. 

We are not only supplying products, but also customizing smart solutions for our clients, like custom made LCD display&screen. Further more, we can help customers to save 40% cost comparing with your local LCD advertising display suppliers.

Different Types of LCD Advertising Display & LED Screen Products

Get Custom LCD Screen Services from Kerchan

At Kerchan, we excel in crafting customized LCD displays that precisely fit your unique needs. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to tailor-made solutions. Whether it's screen size, resolution, or special features, we have you covered. Recognizing the distinct nature of every project, we collaborate closely with you to deliver displays that not only meet but surpass your expectations. Our extensive experience in seamlessly integrating LCD screens into diverse applications and our dedication to providing personalized solutions make us the preferred LCD supplier for OEMs across various industries. Unleash the potential of custom made LCD display with Kerchanr.

Get Custom LCD Screen Services from Kerchan
Kerchan - Your Reliable Custom LCD Screen Supplier
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How Does LCD Advertising Monitor Work

Kerchan LCD advertising player changed the traditional way of advertising publicity, which is the most effective and popular way for businesses to publicize products and is also the key to expanding the market.

As a professional LCD advertising screen factory, Kerchan provides advertising LCD screens to POP display companies, consumer product companies, and agencies worldwide. Till now, we have been helping more than 400+ POP display companies with their displays. You can find our advertising display LCD monitor screens are integrated into custom displays and placed in Bose, JBL, Costco, GoPro, Walmart and etc.

How Does LCD Advertising Monitor Work
Indoor LCD advertising players types:
  • Touch Type

  • Capacitive

  • Resistive

  • Infrared

  • Others

  • Non-touch Type

Kerchan LCD Advertising Monitor Characteristics

Kerchan indoor advertising players are the LCD advertising monitor screens. Compared with other types of LCD advertising player, the colour of LCD advertising display monitor screen's performance will be more prominent, and the brightness is very high, consumption is also low. Now most of the TV screen is the LCD advertising  screen.

Indoor LCD ads monitor screens size:
  • Below 40-inch

  • 40-inch to 54-inch

  • 55-inch and Above

Kerchan LCD monitor screens focus on 7 inch to 50 inch's size.

Kerchan LCD Advertising Monitor Characteristics
Kerchangroup LCD Advertising Screen Video
Kerchangroup LCD Advertising Screen Video
Kerchangroup LCD Advertising Screen Video

Kerchangroup LCD Advertising Screen Video

Interactive LCD advertising display monitor can be installed in lots of environments like retail stores, gyms, shopping malls, home automation, and any other public retail areas etc. As a one-stop professional LCD advertising display supplier, Kerchan also provides firmware customize services like auto-run your app, auto-run default URL, kiosk mode, etc. which takes care of all your demands in LCD display advertising monitor.

Kerchan Custom LCD Display Technologies

At Kerchan, we leverage a range of cutting-edge LCD technologies to deliver superior display solutions. Our lineup includes:

  • TFT (Thin-Film Transistor)

TFT technology offers brilliant color and high pixel count, perfect for devices requiring clear and vibrant visuals. It's sunlight-readable and available with resistive and capacitive touch options.

  • IPS (In-Plane Switching)

IPS provides wide viewing angles, excellent color reproduction, and reduced color distortion, making it ideal for applications where multiple users view the display simultaneously.

  • COG (Chip-On-Glass)

COG displays offer compact designs, minimal power consumption, and excellent visibility in various lightin

Uses of LCD Screen in Different lndustries

Kerchan use LCD monitor screen for advertising display, which can simultaneously attract customers' attention by presenting information that people should know about your business or product. So Kerchan LCD monitor display are widely used in retail, restaurant, healthcare, hotel, transportation, education, office, library, bank as well as any other public retail areas. Fitness