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  • Meeting room software features : For the location that installed Kerchan's meeting room tablet. Kerchan's specialized smart meeting room booking system will work wherever you are and whenever you want, as long as you have network with. Login the room booking application, it will shows free room and meeting schedule for each occupied room,  also when will begin and when will be end. Except for booking the meeting room, the system will also help you to invite participant and email them the location and time. It will auto- send remind email 15minutes before the meeting begin.

  • Meeting room tablet features : the digital display will simply let you and your colleagues know the booking on screen. The tablet will work with a finger sensor, if you miss the meeting, or forget to cancel your meeting. Without finger sense of host, the tablet will auto-change from ''occupied'' to ''available'', and it will allow other to book the room from software and meeting room tablet. When you click the meeting, the tablet will show you overview of full schedule of day and participants. To aviod interruptions, there are two LED lighting line on both side of tablet. The lighting will turn green when the room is free. The lighting will turn red when the room is occupied.

  • The tablet is also can be placed in receptions or different floors, it is helpful to have meeting room tablet for showing overview of today’s meeting or booked meetings on each floor.

  • A good meeting tablet will brings your company not only to book meeting room, it will release you from spend value time on organizing people and checking room list.

  • Kerchan owns professional D&R department for software and hardware, which will help to easily customize the interface of meeting room app and case design of tablet. Such as company's logo and unique sound. With a strong tech team, we are confident to fulfill any thoughts in your mind of conference tablet !