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Kerchangroup LCD Monitor For Retail

A single LCD Retail Display Screen to auto loop videos, help the brands to tell the shoppers who approach to the retail display the functions, the main features, the prices information and the ways to use the presenting product. Also the retail LCD screens may tell you why you need to buy this product by an appealing adveritising video. Go beyond single screen playing single advertisement. There are many other forms that digital signage retail can take: mosaic canvases, holograms, and images split onto multiple planes.

Flexible Use of Retail LCD Display

What's exciting about these more dynamic forms is that they can adapt to the way people explore spaces. Some retail display screens also use accessories like touch/touchless push buttons/ motion sensor, RFID sensor, barcode scanner, gesture sensor, as well as face recognition sensor to enhance the interactioin between the retail LCD display/the brand and the shoppers. With which, the clients can play with the presenting product, like touch it, smell it, feel it, or try it before they making the purchasing decision. 

LCD Display for Shop

Some big brands like Apple, Huawei, Sony, Garmin, JBL, Fitbit, Google Home, Dyson, SAMSUNG, etc... they use the electroic parts like LED screen, commercial LCD Screen, LED adhesive strip, LED panel to decorate their display,  to make the retail LCD display looks like more advanced and outstanding from other brands. They tell the potential clients they they are big brand with good taste, and of course they are rich, that is why they can invest so much money on the signage for retail display advertising. It enbale the consumers that this certain brands are trustful.

Retail LCD Screens Benefits

Open frame LCD retail screen is usually used in fields like digital signage retail kiosk, retail LCD display furniture, point of sale or point of purchase displays.

With digital signage retail's unique open frame design with mounting ears, it can be easily integrated into a POS/POP Display furniture and makes the display furniture looks beautiful. 

And there are various sizes available ranging from small sizes like 7", 10" up to big sizes like 50", 55", so led display for shop can either be installed in a countertop POS display fixture or embedded into a endcap display for brand promotion.

No matter POS Display, POP display or POSM digital interactive display, retail display screens are ideal for increasing the shopping experience.

The  LED/LCD retail screens and other electronic parts replce the traditional advertising materials like print post. Now LCD retail display screen is very easily to change the advertising content, and also very convenient to remotely control the adveritsing in batch, you can decide which stores when to display which advertising videos and when to change in your office, what you need  is a PC.