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Enhancing Brand Visibility: A Success Story in Cooperation with a Japanese Company

  • Elevating Brand Promotion with 32-inch High-Resolution Digital Signage in a Japanese Shopping Center

Client Background:


A Japanese digital signage company sent an email inquiry to us to ask about a 32inch high resolution digital signage display. This 32inch LCD Screen will be used in a shopping center to play the advertising video in portrait orientation for the cosmetic brand of P&G. And to comply with the Japanese law requirement, the product must be PSE Certificated.


Our Solution:


After knowing the customer’s specific requirement for auto play video after power on and the LCD Screen must have built-in memory, we recommend our 32inch Android LCD Digital Signage Display Screen, model SAD3201KD. We installed our free K-Smart apk on this 32inch Android Advertising Display to make it auto loop video after power on and this product has built-in 16GB big memory to instore a big high-resolution video file.


After making the sample for the customer, we sent our product to a certificated laboratory for the PSE certification, and our product completely meet the PSE requirement.


Meanwhile, we also help our customer edit the Japanese user manual.




After testing the sample, the end customer was very satisfied with the visual quality of our 32inch Android Advertising Display. For the first order, they placed 320 pcs and after that they repeat this model many times.


Here we are very happy to show you the demo video of this 32inch in-store advertising digital screen.