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Kerchan Technology Co., Ltd.

A Shining Example of Successful Collaboration in Paint Industry Brand Promotion

  • Driving Success Through Innovative Display Solutions


Client Profile

Our valued client, a globally renowned enterprise hailing from the United States, specializes in the paint product industry. They approached us to enhance their latest brand promotion using our cutting-edge screens.


The Challenge

Our client needed a novel display solution to boost the visibility of their products on the market. Prior to this, there was no existing solution available for their unique requirements. They aimed to use screens on display shelves to loop paint advertisement videos seamlessly.


Our Solution

When our client presented this distinctive challenge, our research and development team sprang into action. After numerous brainstorming sessions and comprehensive solution integration, we successfully developed a bespoke product comprising 385 units of our SAD1850PJ screens. These screens seamlessly met the primary requirement of looping paint advertisement videos.


The Collaboration Journey

During the collaboration, we encountered various hurdles such as excessively wide screen bezels, a surplus of power cables, and an excess of components involved due to the custom nature of the project. Nevertheless, we systematically overcame each challenge, delivering a solution that perfectly aligned with our client's needs. Not only did we resolve the technical aspects, but we also ensured the screens integrated flawlessly with their display shelves, ultimately leading to a significant increase in product sales.


The Outcome

In the end, we successfully helped our client achieve their goals, substantially boosting their product sales. The client expressed utmost satisfaction with our solution, as it seamlessly merged with their display shelves, unlocking new opportunities and successes for their business.