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LCD monitor screen used as digital advertising display machine has changed the traditional way of advertising publicity, which is the key to expand the market and more effective for businesses to publicize products.

As a professional LCD advertising screen factory, Kerchan LCD monitor screens come in "7 and 50" sizes for visibility and detailed content display, which includes open frame advertising player andenclosed frame advertising player.

We also support custom retail signage solution to help you win more projects which cost Less and save more time.

Difference Between Outdoor LCD Player And lndoor LCD Screen?

There are many types of digital advertising display machine, but from the most basic position to the division, can be divided into indoor advertising machine and outdoor advertising machine.

See the differences between outdoor LCD player and indoor LCD screen:

  • Different usage scenarios.

  • Different technical requirements.

  • Different costs and expenses.

  • Different frequency of use.

  • Non-touch Type

Difference Between Outdoor LCD Player And lndoor LCD Screen?

Indoor advertising machine is mainly used in the mall, supermarket, subway platform signs and other relatively stable environment, and outdoor advertising machine is used in the changing environment, the sun and rain, sand and dust of the outdoor environment

ls LCD Monitor Screen Good For Advertising Display?

When shopping in stores and supermarkets, a good advertising video can always quickly grab customers' eyes and efficiently drive purchasing behavior. Kerchan's wide LCD monitor screen is the perfect solution for loading and playing the advertisements.
  • Wide audience: suitable for people of all ages and income levels; 

  • LCD display monitor screen cost such as 15.6 inch LCD display price is very low: wide audience, cost-effective; 

  • Novel form; is the current emerging form of advertising;

ls LCD Monitor Screen Good For Advertising Display?

FAQs Related to Kerchangroup LCD Monitor Screen

  • What is difference between K series and KH series of LCD monitor screen?

    KH series LCD monitor screen support playing 1080P HD video and build with HDMI Input, while the K series do not.

  • What are the common types of LCD monitor screen?

    The three most frequently used types of LCD monitor screen are TN, VA, and IPS. These LCD monitor screens have their each advantages and limitations. 

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