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Kerchan LCD Menu Display Screen for Restaurant

With its various sizes, our LCD digital advertising screens can be used both as a restaurant digital menu display and as a ordering tablet to display the restaurant monitor menu, price and product information. 

Big Size LCD Screen for Restaurant Menu

Among them, big sizes such as 32 inches model SAD3201S, 43 inches model SAD4203S, and 50 inches SAD5001S are installed vertically or horizontally for portrait or landscape display as a digital menu restaurant touch screen monitor to display the menus and prices. 

Small Size Menu Display Monitor

And the small size Android digital advertising LCD menu screens like the 10inch tablet SAD1010S, 15.6 LCD screen tablets SAD1560S are widely used on the restaurant tables as a ordering tablet to display the menu, price and dishes details. Customers can easily know the product information and order what they like quickly by the restaurant touch screen monitor. 

Compared with traditional paper menus, these digital restaurant menu LCD displays are high brightness that more attractive to customers. And they come with wifi and internet capabilities, which support remote and quick change of video content by a CMS software. Restaurant employees can also change the contents easily by a USB or SD Card.


Restaurant Menu Display Screen Benefits

Digital menu display screen or digital signage for restaurant menu display is usually called digital menu board, restaurant menu display screen can help increase profits, improve the customer experience, and save you time and money.

1. Digital Menu Display  Monitor Makes Communication Easier by using video or animations to catch more attention.

2. Save Time by Easy to update digital restaurant menu LCD display, with a plug-and-play SD Card or USB, or remote content management by a CMS.

3. Digital menu boards come with extreme convenience with the added benefit of cost savings, no need to print new menus every time.

4. Digital Restaurant Menu Display Screen create a More Memorable Experience.

5. 24/7 Support

Why Choose Kerchan as Your LCD Menu Screens Supplier?

It’s a question we continually ask not only ourselves but also our clients. Based on the menu display screen feedback we receive and from our own personal experiences, we believe the key factors for any client when choosing an open frame LCD advertising display suppliers:

1. Have over 15 years of experience in the restaurant menu LCD display screen market, One point of contact for all matters.

2. Professional sales who truly understands you, your business, the industry, and the type of person you are looking for

3. A reputable, well-known, and trusted company that we can provide 1~3 years warranty for all our customer

4. Fast production time and factory direct price must can't reject

Menu Display Monitor Installation

Digital menus are electronic LCD menu screens that display menu options, such as prices, pictures and videos. Touch screen menu for restaurant is a great way to introduce your customers to your style of cuisine, display offers and promotions and encourage sales.

There are two ways to set up a restaurant's digital menu display.

 Option 1, update the content from a USB or SD card. You can set up images, videos or photos on your laptop and copy these dates to a USB or SD card, which can then be inserted into the digital menu LCD.

Option 2, update video content remotely from WiFi or Ethernet via the content management system. You can create videos, images, and price tags from the content management system and send these to the digital menus located in different areas.

How do I mount these restaurant monitors? You can easily use any bracket that supports VESA holes to mount your restaurant touch screen monitor anywhere, such as wall mounting, hanging from the ceiling, or embedding into the counter display.

How Restaurant Monitor Work?