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The Choice of Digital Screens for a Global Fortune 500 Tobacco Brand

  • Successful Cooperation in Opening the European Market

We are thrilled to share a success story featuring a prominent member of the Fortune 500 club, a British-based global enterprise specializing in tobacco products. They chose our digital screens to promote their new brand underlining our responsiveness to their needs, commitment to quality, certification, and timely delivery.


Client Needs and Challenges:

Our client had stringent hardware requirements, necessitating Wi-Fi and 4G capabilities on our digital screens for flexible content updates across the globe. They specifically requested non-touch screens, with the requirement to install their custom software. Furthermore, their high regard for environmental and labor rights certifications added to the challenge.


However, one of the biggest hurdles was their urgent demand for delivery schedules. They requested samples multiple times before project confirmation, each time with tight delivery deadlines.


Our Solution:

In addressing these challenges, our team put forth tremendous effort. We provided high-quality SAD1560KA and SAD2501KA digital screens, meeting the hardware configuration requirements. We ensured the screens complied with environmental standards while respecting labor rights. Moreover, we successfully integrated the client's custom software into the screens, ensuring seamless functionality.


Overcoming the Delivery Challenge:

Despite the client's tight sample delivery schedules, our team coordinated seamlessly. Through an efficient production process and effective project management, we successfully achieved on-time delivery of samples and bulk orders. This was a critical factor in the client's decision-making, as they needed to make a mark in European chain stores.


Successful Outcomes:

Our digital screen solution ultimately aided the client's new brand in successfully entering the European market and gaining excellent exposure and sales in chain stores. This successful collaboration has forged a long-term partnership built on trust in our products and services.


In the future, we will continue to uphold our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We will keep delivering high-performance digital screen solutions to help clients thrive in the fiercely competitive market.


We express our gratitude for our client's trust and cooperation, and we look forward to more success stories in the future!