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Why Are Commercial Digital Signage Popular in the Market?

With the increasing development of commerce and consumption, the demand for digital signage is also growing. Its multimedia digital signage, with its networked, digitized, and informatized features, has become a highlight of the advertising and media market. Moreover, in terms of the application areas and functional uses of digital signage, it has gradually integrated into all aspects of people's life and work.

Understanding commercial digital signage

With the maturity of system information, commercial digital signage has gradually evolved into dynamic information dissemination. By connecting advertising lcd screen or large screens and other display devices into a manageable video multimedia network, playing specified content at specified times and locations, it is used to disseminate public information, advertisements, entertainment programs, promotional information, etc. Such digital multimedia systems have wide applications in buildings, hotels, airports, subways, shopping malls, and more advertising venues.

Characteristics of commercial digital signage

  • The multimedia nature of digital signage. Digital signage can disseminate various types of media information, such as sound, text, and images, making dull and boring advertisements more vivid and humanized. It can also fully unleash the creativity and proactivity of stores.

  • The timeliness of digital signage. The ultimate goal of commercial digital signage is to capture market share. Digital signage can transcend time and space constraints for advertising dissemination. Businesses can play advertisements during more time periods or 24 hours a day. However, most businesses will control the time periods for playing advertisements, effectively showing the effectiveness of ad dissemination.

  • The technical support for digital signage. Commercial digital signage displays must have certain technical support to help businesses promote their products. It can change the traditional concepts, elevate the demands of businesses and customers, and require composite talents in digital signage operation, video editing, computer technology, image processing, etc., to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

  • The personalization of digital signage. In stores, salespeople may see customers as targets of aggressive sales interference. However, digital signage has the characteristics of personalized, rational, non-compulsory, progressive promotions, and is a low-cost and humanized promotion. It can establish long-term good relationships with consumers through the provision of information.

  • The forward-looking nature of digital signage. In the past, businesses used traditional advertising methods such as handing out flyers or advertising in newspapers, which not only wasted human and financial resources but also were not environmentally friendly. Commercial digital signage is environment-friendly, energy-saving, and provides multiple types of communication in various directions. It is also easily accepted by the public.

  • The efficiency of digital signage. The storage capacity of commercial digital signage is large, and it can transmit information with quality and accuracy far beyond other media. It can also update or adjust information in a timely manner according to market demands, thus promptly and effectively meeting customer needs.