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What Are the Uses of Video Advertising Screens?

Video advertising screens applied to advertising media

Video advertising screen is a rapidly developing new information display media worldwide. It has a large display area, stunning visual effects, and can fully attract the audience's attention. It is a new combination of media and high technology. Moreover, video advertising screens are not just outdoor media, they also have the characteristics and advantages of TV and other media, and have a larger creative space and a broader three-dimensional space for communication with consumers, which can meet personalized needs and have the dissemination concept of the digital era.

In addition to its unique performance, the rapid development of video advertising screens in the field of outdoor advertising media is also due to the characteristics of outdoor media audiences, networked media operations, and advertising costs. First of all, outdoor media affects the mainstream people in the city. The audience of traditional media is relatively mass and aging, and the difference and advantages of the audience push the development of the outdoor video advertising screen market. Secondly, video advertising screens realize networked media operations, which are easy to achieve centralized delivery of brand advertisements. Third, the advertising costs of video advertising screens are lower than those of traditional media, and they have the characteristics of high effective reach, which attracts more advertising investment.

Video advertising screens applied to sports venues

In the past, LCD displays were mainly monochrome and red-green, and their role in sports venues was limited to displaying score and athlete's name, ranking and other information. With the maturity of video advertising screen technology, it can now meet special requirements such as long viewing distance and high ambient brightness in sports venues, ensuring that the audience obtains clear and vivid color images, and providing various functions such as classic lens playback, live broadcasting, background images, and advertising media. In recent years, a series of events such as the World Cup, the Olympics, and the Asian Games have ignited the boom of video advertising screen application in sports venues. Video advertising screens have become essential facilities in high-standard modern sports venues, and the demand for them has rapidly increased.

Video advertising screens applied to municipal projects

In recent years, in the highly-developed city golden zones such as main roads, financial business centers, large squares, subways, and other important municipal places, video advertising screens are increasingly used by municipal departments for video playback of public affairs openness and public propaganda. This not only enhances the government's image but also builds the city brand. At present, countries are vigorously promoting the use of video advertising screens in municipal public information display and exhibition projects, opening up new markets for related manufacturers.