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What Are the Common Usage Scenarios for Advertising Screen Digital Signage?

Understanding digital signage

In modern society, digital signage is widely used. As a new media concept, advertising screen digital signage is widely used in catering, hotels, public places, and other fields. By using screen terminal equipment, it can promote new products, commercial advertisements, entertainment advertisements, etc., and achieve stronger publicity effects in a brand new place. So, what are the common applications of digital signage?

Common applications of digital signage

Hospital industry: With digital signage, medical institutions can play medical, registration, hospitalization, and other information. In addition, digital signage solutions can be used to interact between doctors and patients, provide map guidance, entertainment news and other content services. It can not only optimize the process of medical treatment, but also help reduce the anxiety and uneasiness of patients.

Retail chain industry: With advertising screen digital signage, it can help to instantly release new guidance, product and promotion information. The rich display functions and bright colors of the digital signage can enhance the customer's shopping experience, and also help to optimize the information publishing process and increase the sales performance of the retail industry users.

Hotel industry: The advertising screen digital signage can also display information in the public areas of the hotel, and can provide customers with hotel service information. In addition, hotel maps, room use, cuisine promotion, promotion activities and other information content can be added. In addition, when there is a need for digital signage, it can also develop related hotel operation support based on the hotel's original system, and provide services such as automatic check-in and check-out and room number lookup.

Financial industry: With digital signage, financial institutions can promote their brand image and business. Customers can use advertising screen digital signage to play benchmark interest rates and other financial information, display and introduce bank business and event notifications, play unified corporate culture and image promotion films, etc. At the same time, the digital signage can also realize more system functions by integrating resources, such as queuing, touch screen, multimedia terminal, etc. The information can be managed uniformly, and no matter how far apart different financial institutions are, they can be remotely controlled and managed, bringing rich economic benefits to the financial industry.

Transportation industry: With advertising screen digital signage, customers can get timely updates and new timetables and other transportation information. In addition, customers can also enjoy additional display functions, such as scrolling entertainment clips or playing sports, entertainment, and other news programs, to provide entertainment for waiting passengers and pass the waiting time. For stations, airports and other places with large crowds, customers can also play a variety of product ads, increasing economic benefits for businesses.