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Advertising Screen's Attracting People's Attention

Advertising screen is wildly used in traffics, hospitals, mansions, schools, governments and companies many places and fields. It can attract more people's attention via visual sense nowadays. It attract more people to stop their step, thus creating the most of it's commercial value.

1. the high quality content is necessary.

It needs to loop the high resolution and funny pictures in advertising screen. According to the research discovery, people act more positively for high resolution pictures and prefer to watch more.

2. the contents are practical and various.

The advertising screen not only can display the product and advertising information, but also can put some useful information but not irrelevant to products, such as date, time, whether and news. It would be more helpful to attract people.

3. real-time update is necessary.

If you wanna advertising screen being used high-efficiency, you need to be ready to update the content all the time. Since the looping of old-fashioned information on the advertising screen would reduce the utilization of the screen and merchant's credibility.

4. make the layout more various.

Attract more people's attention according to change and move the words and pictures on the screen. Even the whole looping contents are no any change, but the whole layout changing would give people freshness.

5. control the videos time.

It is very necessary to control the video time since passer-by just stop for a while or pass by the screen. Keeping the video play short time to loop it more.

6. interactive experience is great important.

People could use advertising screen to experience its interactive function. They could choose their interested product, arrange what you wanna read first even check the information, print the coupon, finish purchasing on-line and so on. Such interactive experience strengthen consumer's shopping experience, increasing the product purchased quantity.

This is exactly advertising screens attraction. Do you get it now?