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Medical Healthcare Digital Signage Enhancing Hospital Workflow Efficiency

For some patients and their families, it is difficult to find their destination quickly in large hospitals, which has long been a major reason for medical disputes. Solving the problem of navigation has become a major proposition of modern hospital construction. Nowadays, many hospitals are gradually using digital signage to create a perfect navigation system, which is one of the main driving forces to improve the medical experience of patients.

Medical healthcare digital signage with unified information management to improve hospital efficiency

In the daily operation of hospitals, in addition to their own work, medical staff must also be responsible for touring, providing help to lost patients and their families. This means that in addition to busy work, they must also have enough patience to face the army of asking directions. However, human energy is ultimately limited, and exhaustion can lead to irritability. When this emotion is passed on to patients and their families, the service quality of the hospital will be affected. By relying on digital signage for medical care, the problem of unified management of hospital information can be effectively alleviated.

Medical healthcare digital signage with diversified content playback to soothe the atmosphere and relieve patients' tense mood

Hospitals themselves are a depressing place, especially for patients and their families who are physically and mentally exhausted. If they cannot be effectively relieved, they will become irritable and easily cause conflicts. Medical healthcare digital signage can be flexibly installed in areas such as lobby, waiting room, and elevator corridor. It can not only play real-time guidance information for medical procedures, such as how long the waiting time is, so that patients and their families can arrange their time flexibly without waiting silly. It can also transfer the attention of patients and their families by playing real-time news, health knowledge, movies, and TV shows, relieving the waiting and changing departments process.

Medical healthcare digital signage with customized information push to promote hospital personalized services

One of the main reasons why hospital services are criticized is that they cannot provide targeted services to patients with specific needs in time. Now, relying on medical healthcare digital signage, this problem can be solved to some extent. The medical healthcare digital signage system can be combined with mobile terminals such as smartphones to implement point-to-point information push, such as timely feedback of waiting time, registration and other information to patients. It is helpful for them to plan the medical route in advance to prevent temporary panic. For some patients who only need consultation services, online replies can be provided to prevent the situation of "busy for three hours, seeing a doctor for three minutes". This not only improves the efficiency of hospital work, but also gains recognition from patients through personalized services.