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LCD Advertising Screen Advantages and Skills of Selecting

The birth of the LCD advertising machine changed the traditional way of advertising publicity, more effective for businesses to publicize products, is the key to expand the market. So what is the difference between the liquid crystal advertising machine and other media forms?

1. Wide audience: suitable for people of all ages and income levels;

2. LCD advertising machine cost is very low: wide audience, cost-effective;

3. Novel form; Is the current emerging form of advertising;

4. Accurate target audience: targeted at the audience who is about to purchase;

5. Strong interactive performance: for the all-in-one machine with touch function, it can not only attract the audience but also achieve the effect of interactive experience;

6. Long advertising period: it can be carried out continuously for a long time, advertising beside products 365 days a year without manual maintenance; 7, strong anti-interference: won't be easily affected by the surrounding environment, can uninterrupted play the set advertising content;

8. No modification fee: there is a fee for any advertising form before, including the modification of printed matter. This kind of LCD advertising equipment can release, modify and delete the advertising content through the background;

9. Other customized functions: it has the functions of real-time monitoring, streaming media information playing, and other functions of printing and querying.

10. LCD advertising display machine energy saving and environmental protection: advertising machine only need a small space to place, update the content is convenient, unlike the traditional static advertising, need to be printed again, but also cause environmental pollution;

11. Powerful background functions: it can count the number and time of advertisements played through the background, and colleagues can also record the customers in the operating background;

12. Effectively cooperate with TV advertising: 1% of TV advertising cost, 100% of deepening TV advertising effect. Can be consistent with the television advertising content, in the sales terminal this important link, continue to remind consumers to buy;

13. Wide communication content of the LCD advertisement machine: the advertisement machine can spread a variety of information among colleagues and play it through the split screen. On one screen, video, picture and text appear simultaneously, making the advertisement more dynamic, more humane and able to attract the attention of pedestrians. And can be on the advertising machine shell logo, to achieve the combination of movement and movement;

Above is the liquid crystal advertising machine and other forms of media what is the difference between the detailed introduction, in short, the liquid crystal advertising machine is now social novel, effective publicity of enterprise products channels.

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A lot of understanding of the LCD advertising machine is not deep friends may be in the selection of the time is often easy to go wrong, so how to better and more effective choose and buy to high quality LCD advertising machine products? Today because of lun technology will tell the LCD advertising machine the correct purchase skills?

1. Value Promotion:

The first intention of the LCD advertising machine is to convey information, the use of merchants is used as advertising publicity, so choose the LCD advertising machine to reflect the value of publicity. The appearance of liquid crystal advertisement machine must be able to let people find everything new and fresh, it is to use a function to be able to satisfy advertisement namely convey. According to the need to choose different types of LCD advertising machine.

2. Cost Performance:

Is the LCD advertising machine cost - effective question thinking. According to the needs and needs of the selected LCD advertising machine, and then is to consider the question of price. Usually, the function and the appearance are exquisite quotation, certainly is not cheap, but is not does not have the cheap and fine product. Shop around and choose the right LCD AD machine to meet your needs.

3. Regular Manufacturers

Is the choice of LCD advertising machine manufacturers, brand and good reputation in order to ensure quality and cost-effective, in addition to the consideration of after-sales service. Select the regular manufacturers, to contrast simple to do the high - quality LCD advertising machine.

In short, the choice of LCD advertising machine needs from the value of publicity, cost performance and formal manufacturers of these three aspects of business consideration. Hope to help you, to let you know how to choose a good LCD advertising machine.