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What Are the Advantages of Advertising Screen Digital Signage as a New Media?

Advantages of digital signage

Advertising screen digital signage is a new means of promotion, and it has been sought after by major merchants. Digital signage can still thrive in high-tech products such as LCD advertising machines and self-service terminals for a reason. First of all, digital signage is a very novel means of promotion. Compared with the previous poster promotion, digital signage is more agile and beautiful. Secondly, the promotion of digital signage is not only static posters, but also can be promoted through videos, and there are various ways of promotion. The most important thing is that the promotion of products or other commercial information can be changed in a timely manner, and the responsiveness is relatively fast.

Moreover, as a brand new means of promotion, advertising screen digital signage can be interconnected with the Internet and operated through the Internet, so many previous promotional effects can be presented. Compared with long-term operating costs, the cost of advertising screen digital signage is relatively cheap, and the effect is relatively better than manual operation.

The function of digital signage

  • Interactive Marketing. The intelligence, humanization, and content richness of digital signage are core advantages. The industry's focus on advertising screen digital signage will be centered on interactive marketing.

  • High-definition Display and High Resolution. People's requirements for information are getting higher and higher, which requires digital signage display screens to be clearer.

  • Humanized and Rich Content. The displayed content of advertising screen digital signage is not only related to product information, but also more targeted and can be associated with more dynamic factors, such as weather and inventory status. Especially the software, with just four simple steps, a program menu with a large amount of information can be edited.

  • Wireless Connection. Similar to mobile phones, wherever there is a wireless connection, digital signage can be connected. Wireless data gives digital signage strong dissemination and penetration, making it more intelligent.

  • Location-based Marketing. Advertising screen digital signage is the best choice for location-based advertising. Research shows that over 70% of audiences are interested in the content of digital signage, provided they can see retail outlets nearby.

  • Quick Response. Whether it is static advertising or dynamic messages, advertising screen digital signage can broadcast the latest information to everyone with a rapid response speed, just like the parking spaces in the city, updating the parking space status in real time, bringing convenience to everyone.