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The Role of Commercial Digital Signage in Shopping Centers

As digital signage increasingly influences our lives and brings opportunities to the business world, its functionality has developed from passive systems to higher-level systems that can push content, connect in real-time, interact and source from various sources.

Understanding commercial digital signage

Commercial digital signage, also known as digital signboards, is a novel display management device used to play various information, advertisements and other contents. Commercial digital signage is a subclass of electronic signage, which is defined as display technologies such as LCD, LED, projection and electronic paper. The digital signage carriers such as lcd advertising player, LEDs, plasma displays or projectors can be used in public or private places such as retail stores or corporate buildings.

Introduction to commercial digital signage solutions

As a permanent member of our commercial display family, digital signage plays a certain role in the entire industry. Digital signage mainly plays a role in our product display, promotion and traffic diversion.

Commercial digital signage can be applied in many scenarios, and there are specific solutions for commonly used commercial scenarios to help products achieve the best appealing effect.

Products need to be promoted in shopping malls, shopping centers and various retail stores to achieve accurate customer positioning and traffic diversion. Traditional industry practices use the poster + flyer + pull-up banner model to achieve this, but there are too many things to prepare in advance, and the effect is not necessarily good. It wasn't until the appearance of digital signage that this situation changed, and merchants no longer chose traditional print media for promotion. With powerful hardware, commercial digital signage can display a variety of promotional elements on the digital signage, such as videos, audios, images and text. The promotional materials on commercial digital signage can be directly uploaded through the cloud backend. This mode of replacing promotional materials through the network has attracted a large number of merchants.

Commercial digital signage displays the characteristics of the products, allowing customers to understand the products clearly and achieve more precise positioning. Moreover, this digital promotion mode is far more effective than print media, and can better attract customers' attention. Digital signage can also create a visible scene effect with the selection of promotional effects and the overall store layout, and can be combined with barcode screens and shelf screens to achieve linkage effects.