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The Difference Between Stand-alone Version Digital Hand Sanitizer and the Network Version

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital hand sanitiser plays an important role in the advertising application market. Nowadays, people are increasingly pursuing energy-saving and visual effects, and the digital hand sanitiser just meets the growing advertising demand of the market. It can be divided into stand-alone and network advertising machines according to their functions.

Users can choose corresponding products according to their actual needs. The following describes the difference between a stand-alone and an online advertising machine:

Stand-alone Digital Hand Sanitiser

Working principle: make the content to be played and store it in the SD/disk/CF card before playing. The content can be controlled by the remote control. Advantages: simple and easy to use and install, long time for broadcast content updating, efficiency, and saving more labor costs. It is recommended to use the stand-alone advertising player when the quantity of advertising players is small and the local area network cannot be built.

Network Digital Hand Sanitiser

Working principle: Using streaming media technology, network administrators can transmit videos, audios, pictures, rolling subtitles, weather forecasts, and real-time news from the network platform to the display terminal for downloading and playing, which is convenient for A networked information release system is required to operate the content being played. Convenient for centralized control and unified management.