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Advertising Screens Attract People's Attention

Advertising screens are widely used in many places and fields such as transportation, hospitals, luxury houses, schools, governments and companies. Now, advertising displays can attract more people's attention through the visual sense, letting more people stop, thereby creating the greatest business value.

1. High-quality content is necessary

It requires looping high-resolution and interesting pictures on the LCD advertising screen. According to research, people are more positive about high-resolution pictures and are more willing to watch them.

2. The content is practical and the form is diverse

The advertising screen can not only display product and advertising information, but also put some useful but product-independent information, such as date, time, and news, which will help attract people more.

3. Real-time updates are necessary

If you want to use the advertising screen produced by LCD advertising screen manufacturer efficiently, you need to be ready to update the content at any time. Because looping old-fashioned messages on advertising screens reduces screen utilization and merchant credibility.

4. Make the layout more diverse

Attract more people's attention according to the changes and movements of the text and pictures on the screen. Even if there is no change in the content of the entire loop, the change in the entire layout will give people a sense of freshness.

5. Control the timing of the video

Controlling the timing of the video is very necessary because passersby just watch the screen for a while or pass by. Keep the video playback time short to make it more looping.

6. Interactive experience is very important

People can use the advertising screen to experience its interactive features. They can choose products that interest them, arrange what you want to see, and even view information, print coupons, complete online purchases, and more. This interactive experience enhances the consumer shopping experience and increases product purchases.

That's the charm of advertising screens. Do you understand now?