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The Difference between Advertising Player and LCD Monitor

1. Stability.

LCD monitor is used in small space, so the use of the environment is relatively stable and clean. The Advertising Player is outdoor multimedia information publishing equipment, mostly in the crowded public places, in the design. So the Advertising player need to be more stable than the LCD monitor.

2. Play time is longer.

The LCD Advertising Player, Android Tablet can be a long time to use, it's greatly different with LCD. they are basically the same for the display panel, but in the heat radiation, the Advertising Player is better than the LCD monitor. The functions for the Advertising Player is better than LCD monitor and other LCD TV household products. Because the Advertising Player needs long-term playing, the heat sink should be high grade.

3. Brightness.

The brightness of the Advertising player should be higher than the ordinary LCD products. As LCD advertising Player are mostly in public places, the ambient light is very bright, the brightness must be high to meet the bright environment of the place, and the brightness of LCD monitor only need to meet the needs of the human eye.

4. The functions are different.

The Advertising Player need audio and video play function, advertising content unlimited loop playing. In order to complete the display, there will be many rated hardware support, including the Advertising Player dedicated equipment.