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The Difference Between Advertising Machine and LCD Display

1. Stability

The liquid crystal display is used in a small space, so the use environment is relatively stable and clean. The advertising machine is an outdoor multimedia information release device, which is mostly designed in crowded public places. So the advertising machine needs to be more stable than the LCD display.

2. Longer playing time

LCD advertising machines and Android tablets can be used for a long time, which is very different from LCD monitors. Their display panels are basically the same, but in terms of heat radiation, advertising machines are better than LCD monitors. As the LCD advertising monitor machine needs to be played for a long time, the radiator should be high-grade, and the advertising machine's function is better than LCD monitors and other LCD TV home products.

3. Brightness

The brightness of the advertising machine should be higher than that of ordinary LCD products. Since LCD advertising machines are mostly in public places, the ambient light is very bright, and the brightness must be high to meet the bright environment of the place, while the brightness of the LCD display only needs to meet the needs of the human eye.

4. Different functions

The advertising machine needs audio and video playback function, and the advertising content is played in an infinite loop. In order to complete the display, there will be a lot of additional hardware support, including special equipment for advertising machines.