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The Difference Between LCD Screen and LED Screen

In our daily sales work, most customers always confuse the difference between LCD screens and LED screens. Kerchan will make a brief introduction according to the following characteristics.

The application of LCD and LED screens

The key factor for indoor and outdoor applications is the variability of light. The eye is very sensitive to brightness. Because of the low light in the room, the brightness of the screen should be even lower. More than 700cd/ a ¡ according to international standard The brightness of the light can harm the eyes. Outside, the sun is so bright that only a high-brightness screen can give a clear picture of what people can see.

The brightness of the LCD screen is between 450cd and 700cd, and the brightness and color saturation are even, which can achieve the best eye viewing effect.

In intense brightness, the image on the LED screen remains sharp even when the sun shines directly on it. It can automatically adjust the screen brightness function, in different lighting environment to get a good playback effect. So it can be used indoors and outdoors. However, due to the use of self-lighting display technology, LED screen brightness is generally very high. If you want to control the brightness to match the best view of the human eye, an LCD screen is a better choice.

LCD screens are superior to LED screens in terms of service life, response time and power consumption

In addition, the LCD screen has a wider Angle of view than the LED screen, at more than 178 degrees, through vertical image adjustment technology.

Every coin has two sides. Therefore, the choice of LCD or LED screen depends on the application environment and the quality of the manufacturer's product.